Success Series Bundles

A group of independent living skill programs ideal for transition students

Product Features:

  • Provides easy-to-navigate programs with age-appropriate images
  • Offers quizzes to test comprehension and progress monitoring
  • Combines video modeling, short essays, step-by-step instruction, and vocabulary
  • Includes three programs: Personal Success, Social Success, and Community Success in disk or iPad app format
Grouped product items
Product Name Price Qty
Success Software Bundle - 1 Pack SUC-073W
Success Software Bundle - 5 Pack SUC-0573W
Success Software Bundle - 20 Pack SUC-2073W
Success App Bundle - 1 Pack APP-SUC-073W
Success App Bundles - 5 Pack APP-SUC-0573W
Success App Bundles - 20 Pack APP-SUC-2073W