Health, Growth & Development

An eleven-lesson comprehensive curriculum of adapted text and corresponding symbol support

Product Features:

  • Includes aspects of personal health concerning grades 5-12
  • Ideal for individual or classroom instruction
  • Uses Boardmaker® symbols and simplified language to help nonreaders understand content
  • Features quizzes in multiple formats at the end of each chapter
  • Lessons cover personal hygiene, body changes during puberty, wellness, physiology, and sexuality with good touch/bad touch
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The text is adapted with Boardmaker® symbols and simplified language so struggling readers can understand the content. It incorporates full-color illustrations, on laminated, reusable pages. You can also print out additional copies from the PDF. Great for one-on-one, small group or full class instruction.

The eleven lessons cover personal hygiene, how the body changes during puberty, wellness, physiology, sexuality and good touch/bad touch. They feature quizzes in multiple formats which are embedded throughout each lesson.

Includes covered spiralbound book, 145 laminated pages., Win/Mac CD with printable PDF, 2007.


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Additional Info

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