Illustrated Life Skill Guide Set

A low-tech method for teaching life skills and sequences with 576 stickers

Product Features:

  • Provides stickers and visuals for daily living, shopping, restaurant/food choices, and scheduling
  • Stickers are color-coded by category with a laminated, reusable sticker booklet, and an illustrated menu and activity guide
  • Ideal for shopping lists, daily schedules, and personal care routines


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Illustrated Life Skill Guide Set IGS-05W $29.00



The Picture Prompt Sticker Set includes 576 stickers (¾ x 1¾-inches), color coded by category:

  • Daily Living (Personal Care and Housekeeping)
  • Shopping
  • Restaurant/Food Choices
  • Scheduling

Use the Stickers and the laminated Sticker Booklet to create shopping lists, daily schedules, or personal care routines.

The Illustrated Menu includes over 200 drawings of food choices organized by categories like Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, Dinners, Desserts, and Beverages. Basic communication cues and a Tip Finder are shown on the Menu’s front cover.

The Activity Guide illustrates 20+ activity choices per page in categories like Personal Care, Housekeeping, Pet Care, Leisure, and Health.

An inexpensive, low-tech method to teach life skills to low level readers.


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