It's My Life

Advocate for students by giving them the necessary skills to live a meaningful and independent life!
  • 9-12
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Differentiated Instruction

    This product integrates individualized student objectives to encourage active participation and access to learning.

  • Data Capture
    Data Capture

    This product includes ongoing assessments and progress monitoring tools to capture data and document student achievement.

  • A comprehensive health and wellness curriculum for adolescents and adults with disabilities that examines topics like nutrition, exercise, mental health, social media, and scheduling
  • Promotes self-determination and self-advocacy in 4 key areas of daily life: Be Well, Live Well, Play Well, and Plan Well
  • Easy-to-implement, one-page lesson plans that incorporate evidence-based practices, discussion questions, and extension ideas
Grouped product items
Product Name Price Qty
It's My Life Curriculum IML-10W
It's My Life Curriculum Plus IML-30W
It's My Life Consumable Workbooks (10-Pack) IML-WBC01W
It's My Life Consumable Student Workbooks (5-Book Set, 50 Books) IML-C01SETW
It's My Life: Be Well Consumable Student Workbooks (10-Pack) IML-BC01W
It's My Life: Live Well Consumable Student Workbooks (10-Pack) IML-LC01W
It's My Life: Plan Well Consumable Student Workbooks (10-Pack) IML-PNC01W
It's My Life: Play Well Consumable Student Workbooks (10-Pack) IML-PYC01W