Plastic Pipe Assembly

A pre-vocational activity for basic matching and inserting

Product Features:

  • Provides PVC tubes with PVC coupling for assembly and a jig for support with one-handed assembly
  • Offers practice with sets of two, three, or five pieces
  • Requires little strength to attach tubes and coupling
  • Included within the Pre-Voc One Kit 
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Plastic Pipe Assembly 203-W $109.00



A simple two-, three- or five-piece assembly task that requires little strength. Assembly involves inserting a PVC tube into a PVC coupling. A jig is provided to hold one of the pieces so the assembly can be done using only one hand if necessary.

The instructions detail many variations for this task.  Includes 60 PVC tubes, 30 PVC couplings, a jig and all bins. Also included are step-by-step assembly instructions, performance norms, data sheets and disassembly instructions with norms. 

Quality Criteria: Each assembled unit must include one coupling and one tube. The completed units must be in the storage bin. The objects should not easily separate in storage.


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