Pre-Voc One

A starter pre-vocational kit for learning and practicing appropriate work skills and behaviors

Each activity can be broken down into small steps and uses recognizable materials to aid in generalization.

Pre-Voc One Includes:
1 Basic Size Sort 103-W
1 Brush and Comb Sort and Assembly 100B-W
1 Color Match Collating 302-W
1 Colorful Nuts and Bolts Assembly 202-W
1 Comb Set Assembly 200-W
1 Cue Variable Sort 105-W
1 Highlight Pen Packaging 301-W
1 Plastic Pipe Assembly 203-W
1 Spoon Sort 101-W
1 Toothbrush Tube Assembly 300-W
Product Name Price Qty
Pre-Voc One PV-17W