Toothbrush Tube Assembly

A pre-vocational activity for two-item assembly and sorting

Product Features:

  • Provides practice with reach-grasp retrieval, appropriate placement of objects, and foundational discrimination skills
  • Offers a jig for workers to complete task with one hand
  • Included within the Pre-Voc One Kit 
Product Item No. Price Qty
Toothbrush Tube Assembly 300-W $99.00



A simple match and insert task using familiar products. User takes a tube bottom, finds a matching tube top, inserts to assemble and stores the assembled unit in the bin. 

Includes a jig for workers to complete the task with the use of one hand. Includes 48 toothbrush tubes in 3 colors, a jig and all bins. Also includes step-by-step instructions, performance norms, data sheets and disassembly instructions with norms. The instructions detail variations for this task.

Quality Criteria: The tube tops and bottoms of each assembled toothbrush tube must be the same color. Tubes must be sorted by color in the divided red storage bin.


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