Twenty-Four Item Sort

A mid-range, pre-vocational activity for subtle and multiple discrimination practice

Product Features:

  • Provides 24 aluminum pieces of two colors, four shapes, and three thicknesses
  • Practices maintaining attention to some details while ignoring others
  • Offers numerous variation options
  • Included within the Pre-Voc One Kit 
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Twenty-Four Item Sort 110-W $219.00



A 2- to 24-item sorting activity with anodized aluminum pieces, requiring attention to three relevant dimensions: color (silver and gold), shape (circle, square, rectangle and hexagon) and thickness (thin, medium and thick). Many variations are possible: sort by shape only, shape and color, color only, color and thickness and many more. 

Includes 120 aluminum pieces and all bins. Also includes step-by-step instructions and data sheets. The instructions detail many variations for this task.

Sorting tasks are not timed so there are no norms.

Quality Criteria: Accuracy.




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