Spoon Sort

A hands-on, pre-vocational activity for sorting by size, material, or tactile variation

Product Features:

  • Provides wooden spoons and three sizes of metal spoons for sorting into a divided tray 
  • Introduces reach-grasp-retrieval, appropriate placement of objects, and foundational discrimination skills
  • Included within the Pre-Voc One Kit 
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Spoon Sort 101-W $79.00



A basic size and material task using familiar everyday items. User sorts five types of spoons, from two types of wood spoons to three types of metal spoons. Can also be used as a very basic two-item sort using only large plastic and small metal spoons.

Includes 36 metal spoons, 24 wood spoons, 2 cutlery trays and bins. Also included are step-by-step instructions and data sheets. Sorting tasks are not timed so there are no norms.

Quality criteria: Accuracy.


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