Software Solution Package: Transition

A set of eight age-appropriate programs for transition students

Product Features:

  • Features life and social skills, work activities, functional math, and literacy
  • Includes unlimited student logins and progress monitoring
  • Provides easy-to-use interfaces
  • Offers customization of content
Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Software Solution Package: Transition- 1 Pack SST-07W $699.00
Software Solution Packages: Transition- 5 Pack SST-57W $1,699.00



Software Solution Package: Transition features age-appropriate software emphasizing life skills, work activities, functional math, literacy, and social skills. All eight programs offer easy-to-use interfaces, record keeping, unlimited student logins, customizable content, and scanning to accommodate switch users.

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Dollars & Cents Software: Teach functional math skills with three progressive programs.

Social Success Software: Video modeling, social stories, and step-by-step instruction teach 50 important social skills.

Community Success Software: Video modeling, social stories, and step-by-step instruction teach 24 community activities. 

Whose Future Is It? Software: Interactive books focus on IEP participation, goal setting, and decision making.

Read to Learn Series Software: Eight programs focus on essential, everyday life skills.

Picture Cue Dictionary Software: Speech, text, and illustrations support independent living activities like shopping.

WordWise Software: Pictures, text, speech, and a recording feature teach functional vocabulary.

Computers at Work Software: Data Entry and Order Processing teach work behaviors and computer skills.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Transition
Subject English Language Arts, Life Skills, Literacy, Math, Social Skills, Transition, Work Skills
Platform Windows, Mac
Media Type CD
Downloadable No

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