Write Your Story

NEW! A writing and communication skills curriculum for elementary and for secondary students

Product Features:

  • Ideal for all writers with easily-adaptable pages
  • Two options available with corresponding age-appropriate themes
  • Lessons focus on opinion expression from the student’s perspective
  • Incorporates photo-illustrated lessons with appropriate discussion topics and prompts
  • Emphasizes the components of a paragraph, with color coded graphic organizer
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Write Your Story Elementary Curriculum WYS-E10W $149.00
Write Your Story Elementary Curriculum Plus WYS-E30W $299.00
Write Your Story Secondary Curriculum WYS-S10W $149.00
Write Your Story Secondary Curriculum Plus WYS-S30W $299.00
WYS: Elementary Student Workbook Set - 2 book set, 20 books total WYS-EC01SETW $129.00
WYS: Secondary Student Workbook Set - 2 book set, 20 books total WYS-SC01SETW $129.00
  • age_neutral
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Differentiated Instruction

    This product integrates individualized student objectives to encourage active participation and access to learning.

  • Data Capture
    Data Capture

    This product includes ongoing assessments and progress monitoring tools to capture data and document student achievement.

  • Standards Alignment
    Standards Alignment

    This product aligns to both state and Common Core standards.



The Write Your Story curriculum helps students develop their writing skills with a focus on expressing their opinions about the world around them. The photo-illustrated lessons provide discussion topics and writing prompts for the places, people, and activities in a student’s everyday life. Two different Student Books (Elementary and Secondary) provide 35 lessons each, grouped into seven unit themes. Sample units include My Community, My Places, My School, My Travel, and My Work. 

To emphasize the key components of writing, each lesson emphasizes four primary writing terms: introduction, opinion, reason, and conclusion. A color coded graphic organizer is included to help students learn the various components of a paragraph.

The final unit of the book, My Story, reviews the previous unit topics and allows students to share their opinions on the things that matter most to them. Two writing practice pages are included for each of the seven units: A sentence-completion writing activity (also a GoWorksheet), and a guided-writing activity for constructing a paragraph (using the same color coding system as the graphic organizer). 

Designed to support both traditional and nontraditional writers, lesson activity pages can be adapted to allow for alternative response options. For nonwriters, sentence strips can be used for making activity choices through eye gaze or touch response options. To make the activities more accessible, the GoWorksheets (on an iPad) are made interactive with the use of text fields, word banks, a drag-and-drop option, and a record feature.

Two printed Instructor’s Guides include lesson objectives, discussion questions, and teaching procedures for the student materials. Also provided in the guides are a writing terminology chart, additional writing prompt suggestions for each unit, and instructions for downloading and using the GoWorksheet Maker App in conjunction with the  curriculum. The USB flash drive contains extra resources, including the Quiz pages without symbol support, sentence strips to print and cut out, and two optional challenge activities for all 70 lessons!


Additional Info

Additional Info

Subject English Language Arts
Age Group Age Neutral
Author David Nelson, Marcy Weiland, and Autumn Garza
Format Blended

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