Attainment Partners with Slater-SunCastle Technology

Attainment is pleased to announce a new partnership with Slater-SunCastle Technology, developer of Assistive Technology software resources for parents and teachers. They have created valuable picture-assisted writing tools for students and powerful teacher tools to adapt curricula.

PixWriter Software is a talking picture and word processor. It helps students write independently by combining symbol support with highlighted text and speech. This allows users to compose written documents without mastering phonics, spelling, and alphabet skills.

Picture It Software helps you create a wide range of picture supported documents for student use. Great for schedules, flashcards, communication boards, quizzes,
and homework.  

SunCastle Curriculum Supplements are excellent add-ons to the the above programs. Picture It and PixWriter (Slater Software) by SunCastle Technology include licenses for installation on a single computer system. Both are compatible with Windows XP or higher, including Windows 10, and OS 10.4 or higher. A CD-ROM drive is required to install all products from SunCastle Technology. Downloads are available on request.