About Attainment Company

Attainment History

Attainment Company is an independent, family-owned business based in Verona, Wisconsin. The founder and CEO, Don Bastian, has led the company for 40 years; always staying in line with the most up-to-date research and progressing forward with what the community needed most. First, with pre-vocational skills, next, functional life skills and assistive technology devices, then, self-determination, and now, pre-employment transition services. He has developed a series of practical, affordable, and thoughtful resources so that those with a disability may be most effectively supported to lead happy and independent lives.

Then in 2016, Don appointed a new president, Autumn Garza. She made an impression on the accounts management team with her dedication and spirit, and exemplifies the Attainment mission. Autumn oversees the everyday functioning of the company, while Don maintains an active role as CEO. Attainment continues to lead in assistive technology with our GoTalk line and AAC apps, research-based curricula, and resources for special education classrooms and person-centered care.

Attainment Company collaborates with universities around the country to publish research-based curricula and digital applications for students with an intellectual disability or autism. The first researched curricula, created from a five-year, federally-funded research project in partnership with the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, was the groundbreaking Early Literacy Skill Builder (ELSB). This was the first scientifically-based reading program for this population to incorporate the National Reading Panel’s five key components of reading instruction. Since that time, Attainment has published research-based curricula in math, science, self-determination, language arts, and most recently, in professional development for instructors!

Attainment Product Timeline