Licensing & Reproduction Information

Book Reproduction Rights

Purchasing an Attainment or IEP Resources publication gives the owner reproduction rights for classroom use. In addition, many of Attainment and IEP Resources publications include a PDF file of the entire book. These PDF files allow teachers and professionals to easily print specific pages from our publications from their computers for classroom use.

Special school or district licenses are available at excellent prices. Call us for information.

All our publications are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced for any purpose other than for educational use without our express permission.

Software Licenses

All disc-based software produced by Attainment Company now includes a Three Computer License. This license allows for installation on up to three separate computers. Additional licenses may be purchased separately. Discounts may be available for larger quantities.

Unlimited Site and District Licenses are also available. These allow for unlimited distribution within a school or district.

Our ELSB Software offers a Classroom/Teacher Option that allows all students in one classroom to use the software, or all the students in an inclusive setting who are supported by a special education teacher or therapist. The Classroom/Teacher Option licenses installation on up to three computers. This license is only available with ELSB Software.

International Publishing Licenses Rights

International Publishing Licenses Rights to many Attainment Company and IEP Resources titles are available to license for publishing in languages other than English. For more information, email

Aging Resources License

Some Aging Resources products include an Aging Resources License with document files on CD. The License entitles the purchaser to print pages for personal and professional use and to email pages to family members or professionals associated with your roles and responsibilities. If you have questions about any Aging Resource product license, please email

Questions about Licensing? Call us at 800-327-4269 or email