Community Collaboration Through Art

Did you know that Attainment Company collaborates with students and community organizations for the design inspiration of many of our products? Scroll down or click here to view some of the artists we have worked with and examples of how their artwork was incorporated into our marketing, curricula, and other resources.

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional art! If you know an artist who currently uses or would benefit from our products, we would love to see their artwork. If selected, Attainment Company will offer a $500 commission to the artist and include a short biography about them inside the product! Just follow the rules listed below and complete the submission form for your chance to collaborate!

Art designs are accepted throughout the year. Please read these rules and complete the submission form for your chance to collaborate!

Rules for Submitting Designs:

  1. Attainment will use the contact information provided in the entry form to contact a selected artist.
  2. This opportunity is open to all students and adults receiving special services in the United States.
  3. Artists may submit multiple designs.
  4. The design should fit proportionality to an 8.5” x 11” portrait-oriented (vertical) page.
  5. A photograph or scan of the artwork and a photograph of the artist must be submitted with the design. *If your design is selected through a digitally scanned submission, we may request the original artwork be sent to us directly for reference.
  6. When creating a design, keep in mind what type of project this might inspire.
  7. Entries must be the original work of the artist.
  8. By submitting a design, the artist agrees to allow Attainment Company to use their name, photo, and artwork in marketing material, curricular resources, and on the company website.
  9. Attainment Company reserves the right to alter any design to best fit the requirements of the project.
  10. Art submissions may be sent electronically through the form on this page, or mailed directly to:

    Attainment Company
    Art Collaboration
    1158 Clarity Street
    PO BOX 930160
    Verona, WI 53593

    Please include all required information listed on the electronic form.

Questions? Send us an email at [email protected].

Art Design Submission Form

Past Collaborations

Attainment Company has worked with students and local artists on a variety of projects over the years. Scroll down to see the results of these collaborations!

Stepping Out

Barb Priem: Stepping Out

Barb Priem experiments with different mediums that come harmoniously together in the final product. Attainment collaborated with Barb through her business, Priem’s Dreams, at ArtWorking in Madison, WI. Her favorite designs include depictions of cities, buildings, and landscapes.

Ready Set Cook

Ben Fleischman: Ready, Set, Cook!

Ben Fleischman works primarily with acrylic paint and ink and enjoys creating a variety of pieces; from commanding and vibrant to understated and subdued. He creates a piece of art through several sessions to add multiple layers of paint, and appreciates that when a design is complete it expresses who he is without having to say a word.

Ready Set Cook 2 - Kitchen Edition

Chloe Hougan: Ready, Set, Cook 2: Full Kitchen Edition

Chloe Hougan began her art career working with ceramics and has recently expanded her practice to include pattern-based acrylic painting. She uses a book of original patterns and color references for inspiration developing her paintings section by section. Often working in layers of acrylic paint and paint marker, she is intentional and fluid in her style.

Curriculum at A Glance

Jeanne Grosse: Attainment’s Curriculum at a Glance

Jeanne Grosse developed her unique artistic practice by using two different catapults and hundreds of paint and mixed media combinations. The catapults allow her to control the angle, direction, and velocity of paint being flung toward her painting surface.

Attainment 2018 Catalog Cover

Kaylanni Holt: 2018 Catalog

Kaylanni Holt attends school near Attainment Company and finds that creating art is all about expressing herself. She has drawn thousands of characters and is illustrating her own story. The prompt provided for this design was, “What does school mean to you?”

Attainment 2019 Catalog Cover

TreVon Patton: 2019 Catalog

TreVon Patton attends school in Madison, WI. He enjoys costume design and combining several different materials into one piece of art, as well as drawing his favorite characters from movies and comic books. The prompt provided for this design was, “What’s cool about your school?”

Attainment 2020 Catalog Cover

Jake Marks: 2020 Catalog

Jake Marks attends a transition program for young adults in New Braunfels, TX. He finds self-expression through design rewarding, motivating, and relaxing. Telling stories with his drawings as a storyboard or comic book is one of his favorite art forms.

Attainment 2021 Catalog Cover

Kathleen Coogan: 2021 Catalog

Kathleen Coogan lives in Madison, WI and is a visual artist who finds her inspiration in nature as well as media. She finds art relaxing and helpful for sharing her own story with the world.