Dollars & Cents Software
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Dollars & Cents Software

Three beautifully illustrated interactive money programs on one money saving CD!

Dollars & Cents Software has been 100% updated. It’s now available as disk-based software, an iPad app, and a cloud-based network solution. If you already own Dollars & Cents, take advantage of the update option at a reduced price (see below for details).

The new Dollars and Cents features three progressive programs: Counting Coins, Spending Money, and Making Change. All feature clear, realistic graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface. Plus our money talks! Personalize each program: select activities, determine which coins and bills are presented, choose U.S. or Canadian currency, and set scanning options.

Save money on multiple copies with the 5 Pack or 20 Pack.

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ISBN: 0-934731-94-2

ProductItem No.PriceQty.
Dollars & Cents Software - 1 PackDO-07W
Dollars & Cents Software - 5 PackDO-57W
Dollars & Cents Software - 20 PackDO-207W


Counting Coins has four activities: Naming, Matching, Sorting, and Vending Machine.

In Spending Money, students shop for items and pay for them with computer cash, using the exact amount or the next-dollar approach.

In Making Change, the most advanced program, students function as store clerks, entering purchases and giving back change.

Dollars and Cents Software is a great way to integrate functional activities into your math curriculum. Ideal for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities, including autism. United States and Canadian currency is included.

For existing users, submit proof of purchase (like a photocopy of your current Dollars & Cents disk), when purchasing the update option.

Also available on the iPad: Dollars & Cents iPad App

Software is compatible with Windows XP (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Macs with Intel processor OS 10.6 through 10.9. Performance is maximized on all Whiteboards, touch screens, and widescreen monitors. Scanning is automatic (one switch) and step (two switches).

Also available as a part of Functional Math Software Bundle.