Personal Success Software
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Personal Success Software

Hygiene, Dressing, Health and Safety

Personal Success, based on the Explore Personal Care Curriculum, covers hygiene, dressing, health, and safety skills with separate presentations for men and women.

Features 31 personal care activities for men, 35 for women. Categories include:

  • Learning Routines
  • Taking Care of Your Smile
  • Keeping Clean
  • Shaving
  • Caring For Your Face & Skin
  • Caring For Your Hair
  • Dressing For Success
  • Caring for Hands & Nails
  • Caring for Your Eyes
  • Being Social & Safe
  • Just for Women
  • Menstrual Care
  • Finishing Touches
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Personal Success Software - 1 PackPS-07W
Personal Success Software - 5 PackPS-57W
Personal Success Software - 20 PackPS-207W


An easy-to-navigate program with many features. Text is accompanied with professional narration; photos and drawings are age-appropriate and illustrate key points; and quizzes test student comprehension. It provide video modeling, short essays, step-by-step instruction for each of the activities. A User Management System allows unlimited log ins, so you can personalize content and settings for as many students as you like.

Whiteboard ready and scanning capable. Compatible with all current Windows and Mac systems. Includes a Three Computer License.

Disk-based software includes a Three Computer License. Available in 1, 5, and 20 packs. For example, a 5 pack can be loaded on 15 computers.

Also available in the Success Software Bundle.

Also available in Explore Personal Care.

Also available as the Personal Success iPad App.