Talking Nouns and Verbs
Talking NounTalking NounsTalking Verbs

Talking Nouns and Verbs Software

Communication Skill-Building

Talking Nouns and Verbs are research-based software programs that give students with language impairments the opportunity to communicate. Students select a word, phrase, or picture to make the computer speak.

These programs offer a variety of activities that reinforce vocabulary comprehension, teach the  formation of grammatically correct sentences, improve visual discrimination, and develop conversational turn-taking. They also offer an economical way to teach the skills needed to use a dedicated augmentative communication device. Grades pre-K and up.

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Talking Nouns and Verbs SoftwareLR-TNV07W


Communication Skill-Building Activities:

  • Interactive Communication: Single Touch Activation – Computer says each word as it’s selected.
  • Interactive Communication: Sequenced Activation – Computer speaks only after phrase or sentence has been constructed, so every spoken phrase or sentence is grammatically correct.
  • Word Identification – Student finds corresponding picture and/or text to spoken word.
  • Word Matching – When picture and/or text appears, student is asked to find its match.
  • Exploration – Computer names nouns or verbs as student chooses them. Turn on SHOW button to introduce sequencing

Software requirements: Windows XP or higher, Mac OSX 10.6 or higher, CD drive required for installation.