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Apps for Stages - Stage Seven

Stage Seven – Written Expression

The ability to clearly and independently express one’s thoughts on paper is the most sophisticated skill in the Stages framework. Independent writing is a high-level skill that incorporates other literacy skills such as reading, spelling, and organization. Because there is a separate teaching methodology associated with writing and the related apps selection is unique, it is set aside as a separate Stage.

A learner’s ability to write independently is essential to continuing her education, seeking employment, living independently, and communicating with others. When a learner writes a sentence, tremendous potential for academic independence begins. The skills involved in written expression include both language use and mechanical conventions such as spelling and grammar.
Keep in mind that learner independence in written language is the eventual goal. Learners with more intensive cognitive or language challenges can work toward supported independence in their writing. Writing skills are interwoven with other skills considered in earlier Stages. At Stage Four, a learner works on reading readiness skills by trying to write the letters of the alphabet, and perhaps her own name. She also begins to associate sounds with letters. At Stage Five, she uses writing skills to complete most academic assignments and projects. She writes simple sentences at first, and as her skills develop, she will incorporate vocabulary words and content-related words she encounters in other content areas. Stage Six learners do not write for academic purposes but are expected to master functional writing skills needed for real-world efforts, such as writing shopping lists or filling in job applications.

A Stage Seven Learner...

  • reads and writes words independently
  • spells words correctly and composes thoughts grammatically
  • uses written language to express understanding and original thought
  • retells a story in the proper sequence
  • uses menus and tools in a digital writing environment
  • uses hand-held spelling tools or word walls

Features to Consider

  • visual presentation of letters and words combined with sound
  • enhancing a learner’s ability to self-correct builds both independence and self-esteem
  • auditory reinforcement gives the learner control over the writing and editing process
  • auditory reinforcement gives the learner control over the writing and editing process
  • adjust font type, size, or color to facilitate independence
  • productivity tools such as word completion or word prediction

Recommended Apps for Stage Seven

Cursive Touch and Write Fizzbrain LLC
Cursive Writing Horizon Business, Inc.
Handwriting Without Tears Handwriting Without Tears
iWriteWords Giggle Ltd
LetterSchool Sanoma Media
Little Writer – The Tracing App Innovative Investments Limited – Alligator Apps
Writing Wizard L’Escapadou
Social Stories
Book Creator Red Jumper Limited
Book of Me Book of Me, LLC
i Create… Social Skills Stories I Get It, LLC
iPrompts Pro Handhold Adaptive, LLC
Kid in Story Enuma, Inc
My Pictures Talk Grembe Inc.
My Photo Story CLIC360
PhotoTell Adaptitec
Pictello AssistiveWare
Special Stories Special iApps
Stories2Learn MDR
Stories About Me Limited Cue LLC
Story Creator Innovative Investments Limited – Alligator Apps
StoryMaker for Social Stories Handhold Adaptive, LLC
Word Processors
Abilipad Cheryl Bregman – App Therapy
Clicker Books Crick Software Inc.
Clicker Connect Crick Software Inc.
Clicker Docs Crick software Inc.
Clicker Sentences Crick Software Inc.
Co:Writer Don Johnston Inc.
Dr. Peet’s Writing Buddy Dr. Peet’s Software
Dragon Nuance Communications
iReadWrite Texthelp Ltd.
iWordQ US GoQ Software
Panther Writer Panther Technology
PictureWriter Solla Carrock
Predictable Therapy Box
Sentence Builder Mobile Education Store
Stories2Learn MDR
SymbolSupport Attainment Company
The Writing Machine Hump Software
Typ-O HD SecondGuess Apps
Verbally Intuary
Voice Dream Writer Voice Dream LLC
Writable SecondGuess Apps
WriteOnline Crick Software Inc.
Written Language Support Tools
Bob Books Reading Magic Lite Bob Books
Creative Book Builder Tiger Ng
Evernote Evernote
I Can Write 1 Innovative Net Learning Limited
Idea Flip Nosleep Software
Inspiration Maps and Kidspiration Maps Inspiration Software, Inc.
Little Story Maker Innovative Investments Limited – Alligator Apps
MyScript Smart Note MyScript
myThoughtsBook Matthias Funk
Notability Ginger Labs, Inc.
PaperPort Notes Nuance Communications, Inc.
Popplet Notion
Read on Sight tApps
Sentence Builder Northwest Kinematics
Sentence Builder Mobile Education Store
Sight Words by Little Speller Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Skill Builder Spelling Ben Kaiser
Story Builder Mobile Education Tools
Story Patch Haywoodsoft LLC
Story Wheel EverAge
TackyWales Laura Jaffe
Word Wizards L’Escapadou
The Writing Machine Hump Software
Writable SecondGuess Apps
Writing Prompts 21x21 Media, Inc

Mobile device apps come and go. Sometimes it seems that the instant we recommend an app, it disappears for some reason. If you find that a recommended app is no longer available, please understand that we leave it on our list because many have already downloaded the app and might still be wondering about appropriate use. Older mobile devices that function with stability use less-than-current operating systems and will likely remain stable using previously downloaded content.