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Apps for Stages - Stage Two

Stage Two – Language Readiness

In Stage Two, the learner is exposed to deliberately richer language experiences. She learns that objects have names and that actions have words to describe them. The learner is not asked to identify objects, but simply to be a sponge and absorb or receive information about them. This Stage develops receptive language and pre-linguistic skills.

A Stage Two Learner...

  • uses eye gaze and/or utterances to convey communicative intent
  • uses other personal, familiar behavioral cues to convey communicative intent
  • uses body language and/or head orientation to convey recognition of objects
  • attempts to imitate movement and/or meaningful gestures
  • indicates awareness of language through facial expression
  • uses consistent behaviors to interact with the software even though the content is now richer than it was at Stage One

Features to Consider

  • age appropriate graphics, sounds, multimedia effects
  • continue type of prompt (auditory, visual, or multisensory) proven successful during Stage One
  • brief, repetitive, and consistent prompts
  • random activation of target by using an access device reinforces language content
  • age-appropriate media effects
  • allow customized content by adding digital photos of things that are personally familiar
  • numerous examples with different representations of words or concepts

Recommended Apps for Stage Two

ABA Flashcards, Fruits and Nuts
ABA Flashcards, Zoo Animals
ABA Receptive Identification
ABC Wildlife Peapod Labs
Action Color Blender WILLHALL SIAU
Adapted Play Book-EIEIO Creative Communicating
Animal Sound Tinnientec Inc.
Aunty Maggie’s Recipe Inclusive Technology Ltd
Color Flashcards Robert Meier
Discover Our World Virtualnye Prostranstva LLC
First Words Clever Coding, LLC
First Words Deluxe Learning Touch
Five Little Aliens Inclusive Technology Ltd
Fruits WebTeam Corporation
Grillmeister equinux
I Hear Ewe Claireware Software
iSongs With Tanvor Hump Software
Itsy Bitsy Spider Duck Duck Moose, Inc.
Laureate First Words I and II Laureate Learning Systems – Attainment Company
Let’s Hear the Animals  Play Engage Learn, LLC
Milkshake Maker! Crazy Cats Media
Moo Baa La La La Loud Crow Interactive
More Toast! Maverick Software
Music Sound Touch Brian Pfeil
My First Words-Flashcards MindValley LLC
My First Words-Flashcards Innovative Mobile Apps – Alligator Apps
Peanut Butter Creative Communicating
Peekaboo HD Got Clues, Inc.
Peekaboo Barn Night and Day Studio, Inc.
PhotoTell Adaptitec
PickPix Tot Ken Liu and Lisa Tang Liu (Crimson Hammer)
Songs for Kids VCNC
Sound Touch Lite Sound Touch
SpeakColors RWH Technology
Switch Accessible Puzzles Judy Lynn Software, Inc.
Tiny Animals Pitzi Kids
Touch and Learn-Emotions Innovative Mobile Apps – Alligator Apps
TouchWords Special iApps
ZOOLA Animals Zoola Apps

Mobile device apps come and go. Sometimes it seems that the instant we recommend an app, it disappears for some reason. If you find that a recommended app is no longer available, please understand that we leave it on our list because many have already downloaded the app and might still be wondering about appropriate use. Older mobile devices that function with stability use less-than-current operating systems and will likely remain stable using previously downloaded content.