Color Match Collating

A pre-vocational activity for matching color patterns and inserting cards into an envelope

Product Features:

  • Provides three different color sheets for sequencing and inserting
  • Offers 45 cards with suggested patterns
  • Included within the Pre-Voc One Kit 
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Color Match Collating 302-W $99.00



Users learn color matching, sequencing and inserting while following changing patterns. Workers insert a pattern card into a plastic envelope, then insert colored sheet to match the pattern.

Includes 150 colored sheets in three colors, 45 pattern cards, 45 plastic envelopes, a three-compartment bin, parts bin and storage bin. Also included are step-by-step assembly instructions, performance norms, data sheets and disassembly instructions with norms. The instructions detail variations for this task.

Quality Criteria: Colored paper must match the pattern card in quality, sequence, and color and must be fully inserted in the plastic protector. The colored sheets should be behind the color pattern card. The first sheet should match the color farthest to the right on the pattern.  Complete units must be placed in the large red storage bin with the color pattern facing up.



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