Functional Math App Bundle

Three programs to teach students important math skills

Product Features:
  • Show Me Math outlines basic math problems with illustrated graphics to support students
  • MatchTimeâ„¢ covers time skills with four progressively difficult levels and sequences of multiple choice exercises
  • Dollars & Cents is a functional money skills program with three progressive levels 

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Functional Math App Bundle APP-FM-073W $150.00
Functional Math App Bundles - 5 Pack APP-FM-0573W $560.00
Functional Math App Bundles - 20 Pack APP-FM-2073W $1,500.00



Fun way to integrate money skills into your curriculum

The Dollars & Cents iPad App is a great way to integrate functional money skills into your math curriculum. It features three progressive programs:

  • Counting Coins
  • Spending Money
  • Making Change

Each program features realistic graphics, speech supports, an easy-to-follow interface, data collection, scanning capabilities, and a unified teacher management system.

A programmed learning approach for students who struggle with time concepts

MatchTime™ App features a programmed learning approach for students who struggle with time concepts. Four progressively difficult levels provide sequences of multiple choice exercises. Students simply find the clock that matches the large sample clock in the first three levels.

Animated movies help students solve math problems

Show Me Math App links computation with actual objects by showing a brief animated movie for each math problem. For example, 7 + 6 = 13 is illustrated with a group of seven ants joining six others. This instructional process helps students visualize math. Choose from four animated objects: sheep, ants, jelly beans, or ping pong balls. Show Me Math covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, using no number greater than 20 in both Quiz and Instructional modes.

Also available as Functional Math Software Bundle


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Elementary, Secondary
Subject Life Skills, Math
Platform iOS
Media Type Download
Downloadable Yes

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