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Explore Budgeting

A practical 78 lesson curriculum for adolescents and adults to create and follow budgets

Product Features:

  • Can be used in conjunction with or following completion of Explore Math and Explore Math 2  
  • Lessons follow a consistent sequence with an objective, background information, and a step-by-step procedure
  • Concepts include checking personal funds, creating projections of spending, tracking expenses, and avoiding unnecessary purchases




Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Explore Budgeting Introductory Kit EM-B10W $159.00
Explore Budgeting Classroom Kit EM-B20W $289.00
Explore Budgeting Student Book EM-B01W $34.00



Explore Budgeting includes a Student Book and a corresponding Teacher’s Manual. The Student Book has six chapters:

  • How Much?
  • Daily Budget
  • Weekly Budget
  • Monthly Budget
  • Loans and investments
  • Putting It All Together

Math exercises are linked to real life characters’ everyday experiences. Photos and clear graphics enhance student appeal and provide visual cues to the content. A sequence of 78 lessons are detailed in the Teacher’s Manual. Lessons have an objective, background information, and step-by-step teaching procedures.

Explore Budgeting aligns to state and national standards, including the common core.

The Introductory Kit includes one Student Book, a Teacher’s Manual, and a Win/Mac CD with a PDF of the Student Book plus a Classroom License for printouts. The Classroom Kit includes eight Student Books plus the other items in the Introductory Kit. Individual Student Books are also sold separately.

Explore Budgeting is also part of our Curriculum Solution: Transition.


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