ELSB Software

A progressive, 7-level literacy program targeting all National Reading Panel components

Product Features:

  • Multiyear curriculum for achieving print and phonemic awareness skills
  • Reads instructional scripts aloud, letting educators focus on student behavior and learning
  • Offers space for each student to create a personalized avatar
  • Monitors student progress for straightforward skill assessments
  • Ideal for individual and small group instruction
  • Includes daily lessons and assessments 



Product Name Item No. Price Qty
ELSB Software EL-SF07W $199.00
ELSB Software - 5 Pack EL-SF57W $745.00
ELSB Software - 20 Pack EL-SF207W $1,990.00



Small group use is a unique feature of the ELSB Software. It allows two or more students (we suggest a maximum of four students) to work through a lesson together by responding in turn while the computer tracks the responses of each individual student. The student’s avatar enters the screen to signal it’s their turn to respond.

The software brings to life Levels 1—7; daily lessons and level assessments. The program narrator and main character Moe the frog, take students through lessons that are built to shape mastery of 14 objectives following an easy-to-hard sequence. Objectives include sight word vocabulary with flashcards, syllable segmentation with a tapping game, and print awareness with pointing to text as it is read. Collaborate with each student to create their own unique avatar.

The software narrator reads the teacher scripts at an engaging pace and on-screen controls—like Pause and jumping to or restarting an objective—give a teacher tools to intervene and maximize student experience.

Assessments at the end of each level, an integral component of the ELSB curriculum, are administered quickly and accurately—and scored instantly! Details of daily work are also recorded.

Many great features enhance ELSB Software: great for interactive Whiteboards; students write their own printable My Book About Me; built-in scan features for one switch or two; and the purchase of one disk-based program now includes a Three Computer License.

Students benefits:

  • Build their own avatar
  • Engage with animated software
  • Have fun with Moe
  • Succeed with more practice

Teacher Benefits:

  • Minimize prep time
  • Focus on student learning, NOT script reading
  • Track ongoing student performances
  • Score level assessments instantly
  • Increase teacher fidelity
  • Update software for free

Incorporate the best practices of systematic and direct instruction effortlessly! ELSB Software is a multiyear pre-literacy curriculum for students who have not acquired print and phonemic awareness. The software reads teacher scripts with appropriate inflections and pace, allowing you to focus solely on student behavior and learning.You can set up instruction as a class or individually. Students create unique avatars and progress is recorded as assessments are taken at the end of each level.

Software and app have an easy-to-use interface and student management system, and are touch screen and switch compatible.

District-wide licenses using disk-based or network solutions are available. Call 1-800-327-4269 for details.

Software requires Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS 10.7 or higher. Compatible with interactive whiteboards and touchscreens. Scanning is automatic (one switch) and step (two switches).

ELSB Software is available exclusively from Attainment Company and Don Johnston, Inc.

ELSB iPad App also available!


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Elementary
Subject English Language Arts, Literacy
Platform Windows, Mac
Compatibility Windows 7 and higher, including Windows 10. Mac OS 10.7 and higher, including OS 10.12
Media Type CD
Downloadable No
License 3 computer license

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