Daily Reading Comprehension

A series of short, nonfiction stories for each day of the academic school year

Product Features:

  • Stories are written at a 3rd-4th grade reading level
  • Describes an event that happened on each date with follow-up comprehension exercises
  • Ideal for photocopying and sending home as homework
  • Software offers a read aloud option while highlighting text and monitoring progress
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The books are arranged by date: Semester 1, September 1 through January 14; Semester 2, January 15 through May 31; Summer, June 1 through August 31. Each nonfiction story, written at a third to fourth grade level, describes an event that happened on that date and is followed by comprehension exercises.


The software presents the books' same high interest, easy-to-read stories in a multimedia format to support struggling readers.


Daily Reading Comprehension Books an excellent resource to share with parents for home-based reading practice. Stories and activities can be photocopied or printed from the PDF. Each book is reproducible and includes a PDF for quick printouts.  Comprehension exercises feature crossword puzzles, word pyramids, fill in the blanks and true/false questions. A related research option for each story encourages students to use a dictionary, atlas or encyclopedia to gather additional information.

Three covered spiralbound books totaling 750 pages, each with a PDF on Win/Mac CD with a Classroom License for printouts, 2005. By Attainment and Remedia.

Daily Reading Comprehension Software is a bundle of two CDs (Semester 1 and 2) and features 274 talking stories with computer-graded tests with an optional hint feature. Each story is linked to a date in history. Text is highlighted as it’s read aloud by professional narrators. Test results are stored for your review in individual student files. You can assign books to students by date or category. Students can also explore the titles and read the books that interest them.

Software is compatible with Windows XP (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Macs with Intel processor OS 10.6 through 10.9. Performance is maximized on all Whiteboards, touch screens, and widescreen monitors. Scanning is automatic (one switch) and step (two switches).


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