Explore American History

A standards-based American history curriculum for secondary students outlining key historical events and figures from the year 1600 to present

Product Features:
  • Multiyear curriculum aligned to Common Core, state standards, and national standards
  • Integration of social study tools like graphs, maps, timelines, and videos help students of all levels access the content
  • Heavily illustrated to maintain engagement and offer visual support
  • Printed text, pictures, and video clips unite to increase comprehension and generalization
  • Includes optional extensions at the end of each lesson
  • Adaptable for students with a variety of learning and communication preferences, including a read aloud option

Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Explore Amer. History Introductory Kit EAH-10W $199.00
Explore Amer. History Classroom Kit EAH-20W $329.00
Explore Amer. History Student Book EAH-01W $34.00
  • grade_6-12
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Differentiated Instruction

    This product integrates individualized student objectives to encourage active participation and access to learning.

  • Standards Alignment
    Standards Alignment

    This product aligns to both state and Common Core standards.



The Student Book has 9 chronological chapters from Early Years to A New Century. These follow a consistent format: Anticipatory Set, Vocabulary, History Stories, and Quiz. Twenty-five one-page biographies with corresponding comprehension exercises are also aligned to the curriculum's chronology. The simplified text is heavily illustrated and is intended to be read to the student, so there’s no minimum reading level required. The curriculum emphasizes the use of important social study tools. Students study biographies and analyze videos to give perspective to the historical content.

The Teacher’s Manual has a lesson outline for each page of the Student Book with Big Ideas, Additional Facts, and Extension Activities.

The DVD contains 7 historical video clips that link to chapters in the Student Book.

Explore American History is aligned to state and national standards, including the common core.

Social Study tools:

  • Artwork
  • Collages
  • Documents
  • Graphs
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Tables
  • Timelines
  • Videos

Student Book, spiralbound, full color, 222 pages. Teacher’s Manual, spiralbound, full color, 118 pages, includes PDF on Win/Mac CD with Classroom License for printouts. DVD, 40 min., CC, SDH Subtitles, 2010. By veteran teacher Judi Kinney.

The Introductory Kit includes Student Book, Teacher’s Manual, DVD, and 5 double-sided Tools of History Mats.

The Classroom Kit  includes total of 8 Student Books and all other items in Introductory Kit.

Extra Student Books also sold separately.

Explore American History is also part of our Core Curriculum Solution: Secondary.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Secondary
Subject History, Social Studies
ISBN 1-57861-715-4
Author Judi Kinney
Number of Pages N/A
Format Print

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