Explore World History

A standards-based curriculum for secondary students that follows a chronology from early humans to modern times

Product Features:

  • Ideal for students participating in alternate assessments
  • Supports students with an intellectual disability or autism
  • Creates a full-year curriculum or divides into separate lessons
  • Student book includes 14 chapters with a consistent format
  • Incorporates timelines, maps, tables, and historical videos
  • Symbol-supported text for being read aloud and assisting nonreaders or emergent readers  
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Explore World History EWH-10W $199.00
Explore World History Classroom Kit EWH-20W $329.00
Explore World History Student Book EWH-01W $34.00
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This comprehensive social studies curriculum for high school students includes four components: Student BookInstructor’s GuideReference Booklets, and Historical Videos on DVD.

The Student Book has 15 chapters divided into 3 types: Keys to History, Historical Eras, and Historical Themes. Key chapters feature World Geography, Study Tools, and Biographies. The 6 Era chapters follow a chronology from Early Humans to Modern Times. Theme chapters focus on major historical concepts, like Agriculture or Trade, and are linked to a particular era. Chapters follow a consistent format: Introduction, Vocabulary, Big Ideas, Important Topics, Quiz, and Write About It. The simplified text is heavily illustrated and intended to be read to students who are nonreaders. Students are frequently presented with important study tools like timelines, maps, and tables.

The Instructor’s Guide presents a sequence of 97 lessons. Three-to-four Student Book pages are typically covered per lesson. One lesson per chapter focuses on Video and Satellite Images rather than pages in the Student Book. Lessons provide a student objective, an introductory script, discussion points, and connections to other topics. The Appendix features two versions of four Term Tests. The test questions were derived from the quizzes in the Student Book. The Instructor’s Guide provides PDFs on disc with a Classroom License for printouts. The disc includes the entire Student Book, Reference Guides, Study Cards, Term Tests, and an Image Library.

Four Reference Guides are intended for student use: Maps, Timeline, Write About it, and Satellite Images. The Lesson Plan Reference Guide lists the 97 lessons in Explore World History. It’s intended to help you review the lesson sequence at a glance.

The 108 Study Cards help students review the big ideas in the chapters and prepare for the Quizzes and Term Tests.

The World Historical Videos, provided on DVD plus online streaming access, are short clips focusing on big topics like Making Stone Tools and the Rise of Agriculture that are aligned to the chapters in the Student Book.

The Image Library includes all the illustrations in the Student Book that were created by Attainment Company or were from a public domain source.

Explore World History Chapters

  • Study Tools
  • Geography
  • Early Humans
  • Agriculture
  • Early Civilizations
  • Writing
  • Classic Empires
  • Trade
  • Middle Ages
  • Religion
  • Early Modern
  • War
  • Modern Times
  • Biographies
  • Glossary
  • Chapter Topic Index

Introductory Kit includes: Student Book, Instructor’s Guide with PDF, World Historical Videos DVD, Lesson Plan booklet, 1 set of Study Cards, and 1 set of Reference Booklets.

Classroom Kit includes: 8 Student Books, 1 Instructor’s Guide with PDF disc, Historical Videos DVD, Lesson Plan booklet, 1 sets of Study Cards, and 2 sets of Reference Booklets.

Student Books also available separately.

Both Student Book and Instructor's Guide by Don Bastian and Tom Kinney, spiral bound, ©2016.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Secondary
Subject History, Social Studies
Author Don Bastian; Tom Kinney
Number of Pages N/A
Format Print

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