Look 'n Cook Microwave

Step-by-step instructions for 68 packaged and from-scratch recipes

Product Features:

  • Pictures accompany each text step to help lower level readers
  • Includes lesson plans for safety skills and cooking techniques
  • Offers clear and concise directions for easy following
  • Book has laminated pages for easy cleanup 


Product Name Item No. Price Qty
Look 'n Cook Microwave Cookbook LC-M01W $39.00
Look 'n Cook Microwave Cookbook Introductory Kit LC-M10W $69.00
Look 'n Cook Microwave Cookbook Classroom Kit LC-M20W $229.00



The Look 'n Cook Microwave Cookbook has 68 updated, easy-to-make microwave recipes that combine packaged and from-scratch foods. Recipes are illustrated step by step, so even non-readers can become successful cooks.

Look 'n Cook Microwave Lesson Plans has 32 lessons based on the Cookbook’s recipes with focus on safety, nutrition, meal planning, and microwave techniques. The Lesson Plans book includes a PDF for printing recipe pages for students.

Written by Ellen Sudol, edited by Dan Hanson and illustrated by Beverly Potts. Cookbook is a covered spiralbound book printed in full color with 107 laminated pages. The Lesson Plans is a  covered spiralbound book, 80 pages, and includes a PDF on Win/Mac CD with a Classroom License for printouts, 2010.

Look 'n Cook Microwave Cookbook items are available individually or in money-saving kits:

  • Introductory Kit includes the Cookbook and the Lesson Plans with PDF CD.
  • Classroom Kit includes a total of 8 Cookbooks, one Lesson Plans book with PDF CD.


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Additional Info

ISBN 1-57861-078-8,1-57861-079-6

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