Looking for Words iPad App

Updated! An interactive vocabulary practice program with 24 illustrated scenes from the home, school, and community settings

Product Features:

  • Teaches functional vocabulary with speech and text identification
  • Allows for personalizing which words are displayed for differentiated instruction
  • Includes list, explore, and scene print option
  • Also available the Looking for Words Software
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Looking for Words iPad App APP-LW-07W $60.00
Looking for Words iPad App - 5 Apps APP-LW-57W $225.00
Looking for Words iPad App - 20 Apps APP-LW-207W $600.00



An updated Attainment software classic teaches hundreds of words in home, school, and community settings. Students select any object in 24 carefully illustrated scenes for speech and text identification. Animation, engaging graphics, and interesting environments provide student appeal. You determine the words embedded in the scenes to differentiate instruction.

Features list, explore, and scene print options. In the list option, students search for words you assign. Where would you find a basketball, broom, or mailbox? How about a fire hydrant, fire truck, or toaster? The results of the student’s search are stored in individual files.

In the explore option, students freely move among home, school, and community locations, learning new words as they go.

A great way to integrate sight word instruction with reasoning skills. Ideal for older students learning functional vocabulary.

Also available as Mac or Windows software.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Pre-K, Elementary, Secondary, Transition, Older Adult
Subject English Language Arts, Life Skills
Platform iOS
Media Type Download
Downloadable Yes

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