Straight Talk about Autism DVD

A video featuring interviews with children with autism and their parents

Product Features:

  • Provides an overview of childhood and adolescent difficulties
  • Covers the transition from early childhood to the school setting and from the school setting to a job
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Straight Talk about Autism features interviews with kids with autism and their parents. They examine the key difficulties that they have encountered and worked through during childhood and adolescence. The key childhood difficulties includes getting an accurate diagnosis, parental acceptance of the disability, coping with communication deficits, and beginning school. The key adolescence difficulties features hypersensitivities, splinter skills, teasing, Circle of Friends programs, social skills, school-to-work transition, and independent living.

DVD, 80 min., CC, 1999.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Pre-K, Elementary, Secondary, Transition, Older Adult
Subject Professional Resources, Social Skills
Running Time 80 minutes

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