School-To-Home Solutions

Attainment’s School-to-Home Solutions build continuity between school and home instruction throughout the school year. Each grade band solution includes a Quick Reference Guide to Teacher Support Resources with a three-year subscription to online digital content, and ten Student Learning Packets containing consumable workbooks from six curricular titles across the core content areas of ELA, math, science, and social studies. A Quick Reference Guide to Home Lessons is also included with each student packet to help guide parents through the consumable workbook lessons.

Each Solution Includes:

Teacher Support Resources

A three-year subscription to online content through the Attainment HUB. Teachers can:

  • Print copies of Student Workbooks
  • Explore educational student activities
  • Review scripted lessons and lesson templates
  • Engage with virtual lessons and instructional strategy videos

10 Student Learning Packets

Standards-based consumable workbooks by grade band across multiple content areas.

  • Clear instructions
  • Step-by-step sequences
  • Ongoing assessments to reinforce student progress
  • Simplified text with age-targeted illustrations

Elementary School

  • Access English Language Arts Grades 3-5
  • Early Numeracy Math Fun
  • Champion Writer
  • Math Skills Builder
  • Simply Earth Science
  • Write Your Story Elementary

Middle School

  • Explore Life Science
  • Read & Tell
  • Champion Writer
  • Explore Social Studies
  • Math Work Data Analysis and Algebra
  • Hands On Math 2 Look at Math

High School

  • ScienceWork
  • Look at Everyday Math
  • Daily Writing Journal
  • Access Language Arts WRITE
  • Job Skills Stories
  • Explore World History


  • Pre-ETS Workplace Readiness
  • Pre-ETS Self-Advocacy
  • Pre-ETS Post-Secondary Training
  • Pre-ETS Job and Career Exploration
  • Pre-ETS Work-Based Learning