School-To-Home Solutions

Attainment’s School-to-Home Solutions, available for each grade band, build continuity between school and home instruction throughout the school year. There are two primary components—one Quick Reference Guide to Teacher Support Resources with digital content online to facilitate remote learning and 10 Student Learning Packets, containing consumable workbooks from 6 curricular titles across the core content areas—ELA, math, science, and social studies. Along with the Packets, there will be a Quick Reference Guide to Home Lessons that will provide a list of components as well as quick steps for parents to get started with lessons with the consumable workbooks. Access to digital, hands-on support will also be provided through the Attainment HUB. The Student Learning Packets could easily be disseminated from your district’s pick-up locations even now during the COVID-19 pandemic and at the start of each school year going forward.

Each Solution Includes:

Teacher Support Resources

Digital access to the Attainment HUB for a wealth of teacher guidance and activities. Teachers can:

  • Print copies of Student Workbooks
  • Explore educational student activities
  • Review scripted lessons and lesson templates
  • Engage with virtual lessons and instructional strategy videos

10 Student Learning Packets

Standards-based consumable workbooks by grade band across multiple content areas.

  • Clear instructions
  • Step-by-step sequences
  • Ongoing assessments to reinforce student progress
  • Simplified text with age-targeted illustrations

Elementary School

  • Access English Language Arts Grades 3-5
  • Early Numeracy Math Fun
  • Champion Writer
  • Math Skills Builder
  • Simply Earth Science
  • Write Your Story Elementary

Middle School

  • Explore Life Science
  • Read & Tell
  • Champion Writer
  • Explore Social Studies
  • Math Work Data Analysis and Algebra
  • Hands On Math 2 Look at Math

High School

  • ScienceWork
  • Look at Everyday Math
  • Daily Writing Journal
  • Access Language Arts WRITE
  • Job Skills Stories
  • Explore World History


  • Pre-ETS Workplace Readiness
  • Pre-ETS Self-Advocacy
  • Pre-ETS Post-Secondary Training
  • Pre-ETS Job and Career Exploration
  • Pre-ETS Work-Based Learning