Making Choices eBook - For iBook Only

A three-story eBook set for adolescents to consider the principles of what is right and wrong

Product Features:

  • Includes a discussion guide to help students make connections with the stories
  • Facilitates dialogue around making tough choices 
  • Compatible with iOS
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The three stories are:

  • Ramón and the Dudes: a young Mexican immigrant whose new friends lead him into a dangerous situation. He is confronted with the choice of helping them commit a crime, or losing them.
  • Row My Boat Back to China: Li’s family is having a hard time adjusting to a new country. Li’s mother is depressed, and Li contemplates theft to give her something to cheer her up.
  • Call Me Nikki: Nikki’s mother is remarrying and moving the family. While her mother is on a honeymoon, Nikki successfully auditions for a Broadway show, and must decide whether to take the job or stay in school.

A curriculum resources PDF is available with a discussion guide to help readers make the connection between the stories and the choices they have to make in their own lives.

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