PVC Connector Packaging and Assembly

A moderately difficult, pre-vocational sequencing and placement task

Product Features:

  • Provides five-piece PVC connectors for assembly and disassembly
  • Offers practice sorting, sequencing, inserting, turning, and packaging
  • Included within the Pre-Voc Three Kit 
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PVC Connector Packaging and Assembly 306A-W $199.00



Remove 5 pieces from a divider box and assemble into a PVC Connector. Disassemble the PVC Connector into five pieces and packaging in 5-compartment divider boxes.

Practice a 5-part assembly involving turning and inserting stills using the correct sequence and placement.Or disassemble the five parts and package with each part going into its own compartment in a 5-compartment divider box.The Connectors are made of heavy-duty PVC, metal and plastic pieces.

Comes with 32 PVC Connectors with five parts, 16 clear plastic 5-compartment divider boxes, a parts bin and two large storage bins.Also included are step-by-step packaging instructions and separate instructions for the assembly process, both with norms.

Quality Criteria:  For the Packaging process all five pieces must be disassembled from the PVC Connector with each piece stored in the correct compartment of the 5-compartment divider box.Pieces for two connectors go into each box. The boxes must be snapped closed and placed in the storage bin in for stacks of four boxes.For the Assembly process, all pieces must be removed from the divider boxes and correctly assembled and placed into the parts bin.All pieces must be snugly assembled, but not  tight.


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