Bagging and Heatsealing

Bagging and Heatsealing

Introduces use of industrial equipment—a heatsealer. A safety feature on the heatsealer allows heating and sealing of plastic bags, but prevents burning of fingers! Procedure involves counting, bagging, sealing and packing.

ProductItem No.PriceQty.
Bagging and Heatsealing308B-W


Includes 360 plastic poker chips in three colors, 500 plastic bags, a heatsealer, and bins. Also includes step-by-step assembly instructions, performance norms, data sheets and disassembly instructions with norms.

Quality Criteria: Each bag must contain 15 chips, 5 of each color. The bags must be completely sealed, 1½ inches or less from the open end of the bag.


Also available as a part of Pre-Voc Three.