Pre-ETS Assessment Package

NEW! A resource for implementing the five required activities for WIOA and assistive technology interventions

Product Features:

  • Pre-ETS provides formative and summative assessments for the instructor, and self-assessments
  • AT Profile provides an organizational structure for tracking student data using assistive technology
  • Includes the Pre-ETS Assessment Manual, AT Profile, and Assessment Plus iPad App
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Pre-ETS Assessment Package PRE-A10W $149.00



The Assessment Manual provides reproducible documents with a wide range of activities that cover the WIOA five Required Activities. It includes formative and summative assessments for the instructor and self-assessments for the student. The assessments provide valuable information to support the lesson plans in the Pre-Employment Transition Solution

The Pre-ETS Assessment Package also includes the AT Profile book, to help you organize your AT tool usage for individual students across multiple locations, to help determine the effectiveness of AT interventions, and to provide information for IEP teams. 

Assessments found in the package will also be available digitally with the Assessment Plus iPad App. This app is an instructor utility that allows you to import any assessment or data collection form and digitize it! Simply open an image or PDF file of any data collection form in the app. Then customize the form to make data collection manageable for teachers, instructional support staff, employment specialists, and adult service providers. Create multi-line text fields to include customized comments or concerns. Generate word bank options for common assessment items. Enable the paintbrush tool to write or circle the items on any data collection form with ease.

Assessments Include:

  • Vocational Interest Inventories
  • Work Relevant Skills Assessment
  • Independent Living Skills Assessment
  • Transportation Assessment
  • Supported Employment Assessment
  • Learning Style Assessment 


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