Pre-Voc One
Basic Size SortBrush and Comb AssemblyColor Match CollatingColorful Nut and Bolt AssemblyComb Set AssemblyCue Variable SortHighlight Pen PackagingPlastic Pipe AssemblySpoon SortToothbrush Tube Assembly

Pre-Voc One

The most basic of the three Pre-Voc sets

Ten basic work activities to teach basic work skills from reach and grasp to attending over time. Specific basic skills are introduced, but even more important (and easier to generalize) are basic work knowledge behaviors:

  • Attend to what's in front of you
  • Know there is a specific thing you are to do with the materials
  • Do the sort, assembly or packaging according to instruction
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Work steadily
  • Don't bother other workers
  • Continue working on task until it's completed.

Each task is broken down into small steps, so everyone can start with success! Ten basic work activities use recognizable materials.

ProductItem No.Price
Basic Size Sort103-W$69.00
Brush and Comb Sort and Assembly100B-W$89.00
Color Match Collating302-W$99.00
Colorful Nuts and Bolts Assembly202-W$79.00
Comb Set Assembly200-W$79.00
Cue Variable Sort105-W$89.00
Highlight Pen Packaging301-W$159.00
Plastic Pipe Assembly203-W$109.00
Spoon Sort101-W$79.00
Toothbrush Tube Assembly300-W$99.00

You Pay: $865.00
You Save: $85.00
Item No: PV-17W


A basic sort by length task

A basic sort by length with obvious dowel size differences in the standard task. An easier color-coded variation is also provided. This task introduces basic size discrimination with or without color used for cue redundancy.

Basic Discrimination Skills

This task introduces reach-grasp-retrieval, appropriate placement of objects and basic discrimination skills.  

A basic sorting task with clear tactile variation between the brushes and combs. Items also vary in color, providing the option of color matching with assembly.  

This task requires collating by following a color pattern

Users learn color matching, sequencing and inserting while following changing patterns. Workers insert a pattern card into a plastic envelope, then insert colored sheet to match the pattern.

This turning task is a shape matching, color relevant assembly and disassembly task

Task of shape matching along with inserting and turning skills. Large, colorful pieces are easy to handle and fun to use.

Basic two-item inserting assembly task

This is our most basic two-piece assembly task. Very durable plastic combs slip smoothly into vinyl holders for a basic two-piece assembly. All materials are washable.  There are many variations available for this task.

Multiple cues and/or irrelevant cues may be introduced

A flexible task that allows sorting of 2-36 types of pieces. Users learn to ignore irrelevant dimensions. When sorting by shape, for example, the worker must attend to the shape cue and ignore the size and color differences. There are many variations available for this task.

This task involves packaging by color, specific placement and snapping

A basic four-item inserting and packaging task.  The task requires following a color-coded pattern to package highlighters in a display box.  

This is a basic inserting task

A simple two-, three- or five-piece assembly task that requires little strength. Assembly involves inserting a PVC tube into a PVC coupling. A jig is provided to hold one of the pieces so the assembly can be done using only one hand if necessary.

A simple sorting task using everyday items

A basic size and material task using familiar everyday items. User sorts five types of spoons, from two types of wood spoons to three types of metal spoons. Can also be used as a very basic two-item sort using only large plastic and small metal spoons.

This is a very basic assembly and packaging task

A simple match and insert task using familiar products. User takes a tube bottom, finds a matching tube top, inserts to assemble and stores the assembled unit in the bin.